About Us

The passion for motorcycles started at a very young age and has transferred through our family as it has grown. Muskoka Motorcycle is a division of Flybyu Motorsports Inc. located in Muskoka, Ontario Canada. We have been working in and for the motorcycle community since 2004. Involved with many race efforts in the disciplines of road racing, motocross, and snowbike, as well as owning and operating a service shop.

We have learned that the motorcycle community is one of a kind. Full of people from all walks of life that are joined by the one common passion. Whether it's on-road, off-road, on the track or even a spectator of the sport you enjoy, the comradery and passion for adventure is in all of us. 

We are a family of four that work together to operate this store. We all bring talents and ideas that help showcase our values through our offerings. Within this community we share the value of quality time spent with family and friends as we seek out our next adventure. This could be a fun afternoon with the family riding in the field, a long tour with your favorite crew or that evening ride to clear your head to renew your best self.

What we have learned is our time is valuable and that it should be spent with the ones we care about, making memories that last. We look forward to seeing and hearing about your stories with your friends and family aboard your chariot of freedom. Your motorcycle!





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